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So it turns out that my employer lied to me about my job and it wasn't anything more that a glorified sales position that had me mindlessly saying scripted lines to people and smiling. Despite him telling me at my interview that I was not working sales and will be in operations. So I quit. Now I'm unemployed again.


Random Life Updates

Now that the world cup has started, I remembered that I made a post on the last one on the page. How time flies! I surprised that this time around the team you'd expect to do well are struggling. Gives me hope that Team USA will scrap by.

Any whoos, I graduated college! And now I'm starting my first real job on Monday:) I'm gonna be overworked and underpaid, but hopefully it's something that will help me land the next job.


Oh Hai There!!

What do you mean that livejournal is for more than just reading fanfics?!?

Ahem...so yeah...I was gone for a year. In my defense, I was lazy

So in the year I was missing from the lj world, I did the following:
-went back to university
-lived with an awesome friend whom I found at a bus stop on campus way back freshman year.
-got wasted. did things while I was wasted. regretted little in the morning
-delved into battlestar galactica fandom and never left
-found my one true pairing (kara/lee, ftw!)
-plotted world domination
-then gave up because i couldn't find minions 

eventful. yup.




And Chicago Public Schools do too which is a shocker since the last snow day was in 1999. We used to spend days praying for snow days when in school and now it's finally here!! Weeeee:D:D


ETA: I just came home after spending over an hour outside in the blizzard. It was a very long and exhausting hour spent trying to fight winds that would push me back 5 feet for every step I would take. The CTA buses were extremely slow and delayed (surprise, surprise). On top of that I had my brother with me who for the longest time avoided telling me that his hands and feet were numb just so that we could wait for the bus. Fortunately, the people reached out and helped each other as much as they could. I saw people walk out into the streets to help those who had fallen down and could not move. I saw them hail taxis for others and pull those on the sidewalks close to walls and poles so that they wouldn't be pushed away by the wind. I am grateful to the doorman of the nearby apartment who let us wait in the lobby even though its against the building policy and the mother who gathered me, my brother and her children together in the storm and prayed for us and those without shelter. This snowstorm is supposed to last for a day and I hope that everyone gets through it safely.

If we find a company ambitious enough, I'm sure they could make a soap opera out of the current World Cup. Or a movie. Either way, France gets to be the diva.


I feel that biology is a subject created specifically to give an aneurysm. I don't think I've ever gone through as many flashcards as it took me for the first four -four!- chapters.  I now bear immense guilt for my part in global warming. 

World Cup: The stoppage time goal by Donovan was a beautiful sight. USA makes it to the final 16! 

World Cup Fever

USA vs. England.

When is the bloody match going to start?? I've been waiting for a while but the damn commercials keep on running.

Wait...okay, I think now its finally starting.




Virgin Galactic's commercial spaceship had it's debut flight!

Ohhh, Richard Branson....things you come up with

~~Yay, Technology~~


Virus Heads Up

My laptop somehow got a virus two nights ago. It pretends to be an anti-virus software (known as Antivirus Soft. Creative, no?) and shows that a bunch of programs on your computer are infected. The alerts show up constantly no matter how much you ignore them. Internet Explorer is affected by this and gets a mind of its own. It opens up and take you to the website of Antivirus Soft so that you can buy a "full version". After a while though porn websites start opening up XD (It was very awkward telling my dad this). If you have some other browser, such as Firefox or Chrome then they work fine. However, your PC's speed is still pretty darn slow.

I didn't know how my laptop got the virus and so I looked it up. Many people said that they got it either from Facebook or Adobe. So be careful guys! I've tried several ways to get rid of the virus. Even McAfee doesn't work.  Right now my only option left is to backup all my important files and do a system reboot.

So yeah, just wanted to warn everyone here!


Moral of the story? You decide.

My English professor gave the class this story to read. 

The Rat Story

There was one a man who was a tourist in Chinatown, the Chinatown in San Francisco. In the back alleys of Chinaown he came upon one of those stores that sells antiques, or junk, or novelties, all mixed up together. In the window was a life sized, bronze statue of a rat.

"How much is this?" He asked the proprietor.

The old man answered: "$12 for the statue; $1000 for the story that goes with it."

"I'm not interested in the story," said the man, "but I'll take the statue."

So he bought it, and carried it out of the shop under his arm. But as he waled along, he noticed something curious: two rats poked their heads up out of the sewers, climbed out, and began to follow him. As he continued on his way, more and more rats appeared out of the sewers, garbage bins, buildings, and they all followed him.

This was disquieting, and he quickened his pace, but the more he hurried, the faster the followed him. People were stopping to stare at this strange sight: a man running down the street followed by a very long parade of rats.

By the time the man reached the waterfront, he was running as fast as he could, and there were 12 whole city blocksof rats following him at top speed. In desperation, he climbed up a lamp post at the water's edge and threw the statue as far as he could into the water. The rats paid no attention to him; following the statue, they all rushed off the banks and drowned.

The man returned to the shop where he had bought the rat.

"Ah, you've returned for the story, I see," said the old man.

"No," the man said, "actually, I was wondering if you had a statue of a lawyer."


We had several different interpretations in class for this short story. But one thing we all agreed on was that it was freaking hilarious. Oh lawyers.